Our purpose is to help those who were incarcerated to make a positive transition into community and family life. Our main goals are to help the returning citizens with their re-entry process by walking in obedience as men of God and upstanding citizens in our community. Providing a social service for those seeking to successfully make a transition from incarceration back into society, by providing restorative life skills through Christ-centered after care.

By doing this transformational service we hope to reduce the problems of recidivism in our community. To actively combat the individual and community problems that contribute to the needless waste of human resources. To encourage men, to become actively aware of, and consciously cultivate their greatest potential for human development, so that they are continually becoming productive community citizens.

Without vision, people perish. What we seek is to be men coming together and building relationships along with understanding, if only for a moment. There is wisdom in a multitude of counsel.

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